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TVP is our go-to partner for every item we manufacture in China. Their team is smart, fast and helps us to make our great products even better… and always within our budget. There is no other team in Asia we would trust with our TOP items.

Ross — USA

In over 10 years of working with almost all players, we consider TV Products HK the most efficient and responsive company...In all the years of cooperation they became valuable business partners.

Mani — Austria

The sincere, enterprising and professional service provided by TV Products HK has proved to be essential in realising some of Oak Lawn Marketing's biggest hits.

Mayankh — Japan

A very high level of expertise in development, sourcing and the cost effective supply chain management of consumer products.  They are available, present, highly efficient and fully engaged in all aspects of our partnership.

Tracy — UK

For more than 20 years TV Products have been an instrumental partner, enabling us to develop hundreds of globally successful products and brands. Their dedicated team’s attention to detail to produce quality products have made them a great supplier to work with.

Sladjana — Canada

A highly professional team in every aspect of our dealings with them over the years. They continue to set industry leading benchmarks in manufacturing quality, efficiency, communication and above all their ability to provide us with a constant stream of hit products. A pleasure to do business with.

Greg — Australia

In my 2 decade experience of dealing with TVP, their ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is what made them an obvious and reliable partner for global winner launches. The support and care I received on millions of products supplied by TVP is unmatched in our industry.

Daniela — Croatia

More than a decade of cooperation and many successful projects unite us. Professional supply chain management and customer focused, detailed and proactive handling characterise TVP. We really enjoy working with them and appreciate our long term partnership.

Mitja — Germany

TV Products are a trusted partner of ours and over many years they have proven to be a very professional, efficient, reliable and supportive supplier.

Ben — UK

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