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We pride ourselves on the support and communication we provide, making us instrumental to the success of our clients’ products. They think of us as their partners for growth. Our customer focused team provide a personalised and responsive service, making things happen for you on a global scale.

We are setup to help with the commercial factors facing retailers and distributors. We ensure returns are minimised, the right certification is in place and that everything is delivered on time. We don’t just bring your ideas to life, we make them as good as they can be. We nurture your idea, making sure high quality raw materials are used and utilising the latest tooling technology.

The sincere, enterprising and professional service provided by TV Products HK has proved to be essential in realising some of Oak Lawn Marketing's biggest hits

Economy of scale and excellent relationships with the ISO certified factories where our offices are located means we get things produced to the highest standard, quickly and at a low cost.

A smooth process is key and our involvement can extend to creative assets and distribution. Our long established reputation has been earned because we’ve been reliably delivering the goods to our retail clients for over 25 years.

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TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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