Our high quality materials,
production process,
service level and fair treatment
of staff is a given.

Our low prices and high quality material work are thanks to our sourcing and scale. Your idea won’t just be delivered efficiently. It’ll also reach its full potential.

Price and Quality

Manufacturers have a reputation for swapping to cheaper materials to save money. But we do the very opposite. 

Rather than leaving it to the factories to procure the raw materials, we go directly to the source. That way we can guarantee that high quality materials are used at a low price which is passed on to our clients. Another factor is economy of scale. Combining the huge volume of items we manufacture also means lower prices for all our customers.

Production standards and ethics

Not only do we only use ISO accredited factories, guaranteeing quality of production and treatment of workers. Our large and dedicated team of staff also all hold shares in the company, motivating them to perform at their best. In turn, this gives your idea the best possible chance of succeeding. 


Our service level is second to none, which is why we have been trusted to bring ideas to life for over 25 years. The support and communication we provide is the reason for our constant stream of hit products. We deliver products on time, and are experts in launching products globally with all the correct certification in place.

The support and care I received on millions of products supplied by TVP is unmatched in our industry

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TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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