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Our tried and tested process ensures your idea doesn’t just become reality, but fulfils its full potential. Our smooth, expertly handled process ensures the only surprises our clients get are pleasant ones.

We’ve been keeping ideas safe for 25 years, so you can trust us with confidentiality. From our drawings to creating a workable prototype, our development phases is flexible and expert. If we can make small improvements to make the product more practical, more attractive and improve its chances of selling, then we will suggest it. We want it to be the best it can be.

Our tooling uses the latest technology, and our sources, contacts and influence ensure a great price. Our Quality Control Team ensure your product passes the requirements of whatever countries it is selling in. We can organise all the details such as box and show. And finally, our distribution and sales is a well trodden path to success. We get it there and we do it on schedule.

They continue to set industry leading benchmarks in manufacturing quality, efficiency, communication and above all their ability to provide us with a constant stream of hit products

Inventor development

We run a dedicated and comprehensive development process. We even make suggestions of how your idea can be improved, making it more attractive to buyers

Global projects and regulations

We specialise in understanding all the requirements and certification needed to launch a product globally. Our global expertise extends to an intricate understanding of how to meet the regulations of each country. We are currently selling across 45 countries.

We have a team who are familiar with all the latest certification requirements and regulations for most countries, and they are constantly educating themselves and keeping updated with the constantly changing regulations. We do internal testing on the functionality and safety of the product. In addition we also work with all the top level testing labs like TUV and SGS.

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