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The EMMAs provide an exciting awards ceremony that honors networks, suppliers and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity and rewards outstanding achievements during the previous year in the Home Shopping Industry.

Best Supplier – Emma Awards 2022

The TVP team have created an innovative distribution method for products so that the distributors in each country get the benefit of the best pricing, best service, and coordinated launches with the US, to help combat counterfeiters and imitation products.

The award was accepted by Vik Laungani & Manisha Mehta in Amsterdam on behalf of the company.

Emma award winner best supplier


Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The 2020 CSR EMMA was awarded to 4 companies that answered local communities’ needs for medical products for protection against coronavirus early this year, one of them being TV Products HK.

We as a team are delighted to receive this award and we thank the ERA Global Board Members to be kind to have us Awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award. We at TV Products HK value the business relationship that we have with each of our partners and always take each of them as our extended family. We feel blessed to have the chance where we could act and create a better and safer world for our friends and family.

The award was virtually accepted by Mr. Eric Golani, on behalf of the company. Below is an excerpt from his speech as a member of the Panel during this virtual event in June 2020 when he talks about our company, our system and what TV Products HK did differently in 2020.

TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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