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TV Products HK are an established global all-in-one OEM, sales and distribution company. Our Head Office is in Hong Kong, with offices in ISO certified factories in China. We own the supply chain (vertically integrated) and have a well earned reputation for providing a seamless service which puts our clients’ minds at ease. We have helped them sell millions of innovative products all over the world.


Meet our founders

Sameer Belani
TV Products HK Ltd.

Phone: +852 23685822
Email: sameer@tvhk.com.hk

Kishore Samtani
TV Products HK Ltd.

Phone: +852 23685522
Cell: +852 98318886
Email: tvproductshk@aol.com

Eric Golani
TV Products HK Ltd.

Phone: +852 23685822
Email: eric@tvhk.com.hk

More than a business

Although a large scale business geared towards the international market, we are also family controlled. Our reputation matters to us and our staff, who all hold shares in the business. Our high standards are why people have been coming to us for 25 years.


No comparison

Although our low prices fare well when compared to others, we offer so much more. Our smoothly managed service doesn‘t just include expert product development, sourcing top quality raw materials and a reliable manufacturing process. There’s also elements such as creative assets that are included.

Service level

We have a dedicated team for every time zone across the world with experience in managing all types of projects. We don’t just provide a responsive service wherever you are in the world. We are geared towards creating, launching and selling products worldwide.


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TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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