The motivation behind
our team means we deliver
every single time

Although we employ over 100 staff we are a family controlled company, so our reputation means more to us than business alone. We demand nothing less than a perfect project everytime.

The Partners

The partners of TV Products HK all grew up together in the suburbs of Mumbai – Worli & Goregaon.

Standards and ethics

All our staff also demand a perfect project every time because they are part owners in the company too. It’s not only good, family ethics. It also means everyone is financially motivated for your project to succeed and reach its full potential, from the factory floor to the account managers. It’s why people have been coming back to us for 25 years.


The ISO factories dedicated to us don’t just treat their workers to a better standard. Their workmanship is also a better quality because staff are happier and corners aren’t cut. And we are there closely supervising and monitoring the process 24-7. In the unregulated Far East system, these details take on a huge significance.


Our team is literally global. Whatever time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated and experienced account manager ensuring your needs are met and that your project runs smoothly. International parallel launches will be handled without a fuss, so you don’t need to worry about it. We’ve been doing it for decades.

In all the years of cooperation they became valuable business partners and personal friends to us

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TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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