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TV Products HK are truly
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To launch a product globally, ideally it’s best to have a parallel international launch. Many companies don’t have the size or expertise to manage this like we can. We can ensure your product gets launches all over the world simultaneously. And we handle it all for you, so you don’t need to worry about it.

How we do it

Once the prototype is finalised and we open tooling, we start promoting the product to other clients so they can place their orders at the same time as the original owner of the product. This allows us to launch the item globally, in almost every country at the same time. We do not wait for the inventor to launch the product in their home country before promoting the product to others because it allows competitors to create the same item and sell globally before us, creating more competition in the market and reducing the perceived value of the item.

Competitive advantage

The main purpose and benefit of a parallel launch is that it gives us and the owner of the product a period of time where only they are exclusively selling the item at their price and have the competitive advantage, establishing themselves before others come into the market with a similar or maybe cheaper product.

Our experience

TV Products HK have over 25 years experience in selling products across the globe. That includes modifying each item to be country specific and meet all the necessary regulatory requirements – from materials like electronic components to the different certifications required in each country. We are able to test the functionality and safety of the product, and we also work with top level testing labs like TUV and SGS.

Our team stay up-to-date with certification requirements and regulations worldwide, and they are constantly educating themselves and keeping updated with the changing regulations.


For more than 20 years TV Products have been an instrumental partner enabling us to develop hundreds of globally successful products and brands

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