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Recently we got an amazing opportunity to speak at one of the ERA Digital events highlighting the effects of Pandemic of Business in Asia Pacific Region, particularly China and Hong Kong. TVP was represented by Eric Golani, Vik Laungani and Garry Shah. Below is an excerpt from the article on ERA Global website. (link given below)

It has been over a year since the global pandemic was declared, so it is just about time to draw some conclusions on how the virus is affecting the DRTV industry and impacting business decisions, and to understand the opportunities in the upcoming years.

• Will it be back to business as usual soon?

• How has this pandemic affected business?

• How have businesses adapted?

• How has the pandemic shaped the future of customer behaviour?

• How do we conduct successful D2C commerce in this new environment?

ERA GLOBAL Digital Week, brought all these questions into the spotlight for review and discussion by industry specialists. Have a look below:

Accelerated development of new products and ideas

To understand how the pandemic has been experienced from a supplier’s perspective, we turned to Eric Golani, co-founder of TV Products HK (TVP), an established global all-in-one OEM, sales and distribution company, headed in Hong Kong. Eric Golani has seen the pandemic as a cost and time saver and a productivity enhancer, due to the lack of travelling. He highlights that “the time we have saved has been used wisely on developing many new products. I see time and costs as two major advantages.”

"the time we have saved has been used wisely on developing many new products. I see time and costs as two major advantages."

“Even with the work from home, our partners have managed to supply goods to the retailers and come up with categories like fitness, cooking, gardening”, added Vik Laungani, who heads TVP’s International Sales.

“All our team members were able to travel within China without restrictions or quarantine, which helped our business to get new factories. Now life in China is as normal as it used to be”, explained Garry Shah, Head of Development TVP.

Currently the company is experiencing business as usual, with 100% of their employees back in the office. Of course, much of the work is being done online now, such as regular calls and online meetings with their international clients.

Read the full article here on ERA Global’s website

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