We nurture ideas to make
sure they are as attractive as
possible to your buyers

We run a dedicated and comprehensive development process. If you have the idea, then our in-house team of engineers and designers can make it into a reality. Our aim is to make your dream product, and we have the expertise to make it come true.


We’ve been doing this for 25 years because clients trust us with their precious concepts. We (and our factories) sign NDAs to make it official.



We have an in-depth knowledge of similar products already in the market. So we can provide a realistic opinion of how your idea should be developed.


Developing your idea

First we make drawings showing how your idea would look and work. Then we come up with ways to make the product more realistic, user friendly and feasible. We even make suggestions to make it more cost effective.


Next steps

We convert product drawings into workable prototypes. Then with our renowned ISO factories, we get the tooling done using latest technology


Sourcing expertise

Our knowledge saves you money and ensures quality because we source materials directly from the first source in the chain. For example, plastic is sourced directly from a plastic factory.


An idea is born

With our global coverage of world markets, we can also help you sell the product to different parts of the world.


Tell us about your product




    *Top 3 USP's of the product

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    *Summary of why this product is innovative

    TV Products HK are proud to be a member of ERA Global and PDMI

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